Thursday, November 17, 2005

We Are LIVE!

Good Morning. We are off and running for another great day--The N.C. Children's Promise 2005. From the very early hours of the morning the folks from the radio stations of Curtis Media and the team from TimeWarner News14 have been busy. Already folks are calling in to tell stories and offer their support. This is a wonderful day for the North Carolina Children's Hospital when we get to partner with the community to help us give the care our children need. There are 11 people working today to take care of each patient that we have in the hospital, all working together to help those children get better. This day is important for the staff of the Children's Hospital to hear from our patients and for you to learn what is done each day. I hope you will come by, listen to us on the radio, or watch the activities on News14. Right now we have a hospital that is full of children who are getting their needed care, cutting edge, that will help them have the best outcomes possible. Thanks for helping us do what we are here to do, to be the hospital for the children of North Carolina.

Alan Stiles, MD
North Carolina Children's Hospital


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