Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today's the Day!

Hey everyone! This is Rebecca Simpson. You may have heard me on some of the Curtis Media Radio stations. So far, I've been on WPTF 680, and I think I'll be on a few more in a little bit. I've also been interviewed for TV channel News 14. It's going well here. But, guys, we need some more donations!!! My Dad and I figured the math...the commercial advertising on the different stations this past week for the radiothon said that on average, 40,000 patients are seen here at UNC. 40,000 people is only about 5% of all of Curtis Media's listeners. If 40,000 people each donate $25 dollars (That's $25 a child) during the radiothon, we could raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Can you imagine how much that would do for the hospital?? And the best part is, it all goes to the hospital- research, toys, games, movies, supplies. None of these radio people or TV people or volunteers get any of it. It all goes to the kids!
But today is the day. The only day. If you don't give today, you can't give until next year!! And we need the money now- this year! If you've already given, that's great and we thank you- encourage your friends!! If not, please, think about your kids and your family...wouldn't you want someone to help you if it were your child? Thanks for listening!
God Bless...
More from the Radiothon soon...
><>Rebecca Simpson
AML patient
UNC Children's Hospital


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