Thursday, November 17, 2005

Emily, The Rock Star!

Hi, My name is Emily, I'm 7 years old, and I have Leukemia, But I love it!! Having leukemia hasn't always been fun, but I have more fun days than bad days. I was diagnosed in Providence Rhode Island on April 24th 2004, when I was six. It was scarry at first and it hurt a lot. My doctors gave me a button to push every time I had and that made me feel better. I was in the hospital for 10 days the first time and when I left I felt much better. Dad says I am in Remission, which means the cancer cells are kinda sleeping. We now we live in Fort Bragg NC and come here to UNC every month for a doctor's visit and every three months for a spinal tap to put special medicine in my spine to keep the cancer cells away.
The best part about having leukemia is all the special attention I get. The nurses and doctors are real nice, the play room is always full of toys, and sometimes there's a clown named Mr. Rainbow that makes great balloon animals and says the alphabet backwards. It's real fun! The only think I don't like about having leukemia is having to miss school so much, although so far this year I've only missed four days of school. The people here at UNC are GREAT!! They make me happy and take great care of me.
Don't forget to donate, call 1 -866-9 NC KIDS.

Emily and Dad.


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