Thursday, November 16, 2006

Josh's Miracle

Josh's story began on May 29, 2004. It began as every other Saturday but little did we know how it would end. Josh was with his father at a family friend's farm spending a beautiful day outside. Josh was riding on a tractor, hit a bump and was bounced off the tractor. The tractor was pulling a bush hog which ran over Josh nearly amputating his left leg. He was transported to Wake Med where he underwent surgery. Several hours later the surgeons came to us stating Josh needed specialized treatment and would be flown by helicoptor to UNC. We were able to see Josh for a very short period while he was being transported to the tele-pad. They had prepared us for what he would look like but the child they rolled out did not even look like my son. He was life flighted to UNC. We rushed to get to him. Josh was in PICU where he stayed for several days on a ventilator undergoing surgery after surgery to save his leg. We spent the next few months in and out of UNC for terrible infections. Even months later the surgeons were not certain his leg could be saved. In late August of 2004 Josh began the first grade with an external fixator, wound vac and PIC line for medications that were administered by IV several times a day. He just five weeks ago had his 14th surgery to repair tendons in his foot. The staff and doctors at UNC are the best ever. They went beyond the call of duty to ensure Josh and our family were comfortable and made to feel at home even though we were not home for weeks at the time. We will be forever grateful to the staff at UNC for saving our Josh and saving his leg. For someone who they thought might never walk and considering the fact he just a few months ago played baseball speaks volumes for what can be accomplished at UNC. We are fortunate to have such an awesome facility in North Carolina. My husband and I never thought anything like this could happen to our family but what a comfort it was to have the team at UNC on our side when it did. We will be forever grateful.


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