Thursday, November 16, 2006

We're live again!

We are off to another great day with the Children's Promise. This is the day that we focus on bringing stories to you of what goes on everyday in the N.C. Children's Hospital, caring for children and familes who have serious medical problems. This is the State's Children's Hospital, a place child who needs our help can come.

We do serious work caring for children who have serious or chronic diseases, many of them needing critical care because of their life-threatening problems. Your help is needed to keep us at the cutting edge. A child's needs are not on a budget cycle and the gifts you give allow us to meet the needs of each child as they come up, not delay care or have to send them somewhere else for care.

Every year children from every county in North Carolina come here for care, this year more than 80,000 outpatients and about 9500 inpatients. We do all of this in an atmosphere that is family centered and child friendly. Thanks for your support today as we celebrate the N.C. Children's Promise!

Alan Stiles, MD
North Carolina Children's Hospital


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for the UNC Cildren's Hospital. Our daughter had not felt well for during the months of Octobe, November, and December of 2005 but her symptoms were so vague. In December we were taking our annual trip to Georgia to visit her cousins. This is a trip she loves to make every year. She was feeling so bad but was putting up such a good front so she could go on the trip. When January 2006 came we started getting some answers thanks to the Pediatric Gastroenetreology team at the Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with Crohn's, hospitalized and God sent Sandy Kim, MD to take care of her. It has been a long battle but thanks to Sandy and the GI team, she is doing much better. She has also develoed avascualr necrosis as a side efect to the high doses of prednisone needed to manage her Crohn's and the physical therapy staff as well as Dr.Stein has been instrumental in helpinng her deal with the pain . swelling, and inflammation in her knees.

Thank you to everyone at the UNC Children's Hospital for helping my daughter and making her teenage years more managable.

Susan Kidd RN, MSN

10:06 PM  

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