Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fourth Year in a Row!!

WOW another great event! For some of us the Radiothon is like an annual family reunion where we get to see some familiar faces as well as new faces and everyone is SMILING. Think about it - smiles and a hospital - those two things don't seem to go together, but they so often do here at the NC Children's Hospital. While it is no one's dream to be a patient here or a parent of a patient, it is comforting to know that the quality care, unique specialists, and courage of the children exist.

I am a proud parent of now a preschooler who on his second day of life was transfered here, subjected to a number of tests, medicines, and consultations, but now is stable and sitting here next to me playing with his older brother - a sight that on some of his early days was not forecasted as possible.

I am grateful for the ingeniuty of the doctors, the cutting edge research, and the loving care provided here not only to us but also that I observe being provided to hosts of other families regardless of their child's condition, needs, abilities.

All the best for another successful radiothon. Thank you for all of the care and compassion offered to Sam.

Corry Platt
Proud Parent
Board of Visitors Member


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