Thursday, November 17, 2005

UNC Children's Hospital creates miracles

My wife Nicole and I had a baby girl at 27 weeks. She stayed at the UNC Children's Hospital NCCU for over 2 months. The doctors and other caregivers gave us the miracle of a beautiful baby girl who just celebrated her 1st birthday. Not too many people know what goes on in the 4th floor NCCU, but the technology and medicine that are available to neonates is unbelievable. Even more importantly, the people who take care of babies and their families are miracle workers. The resources that are required to run an NCCU are hard to contemplate. Your donations can help meet the needs of the hospital and help make miracles happen for other North Carolina families. Please donate if you can, and be sure to check and see if your company matches donations. If you are UNC alumni, your donation counts towards the Carolina First campaign. Thank you - Dave and Nicole


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my grandson was born on apr 24 2007at 26 weeks and was treated at unc where i will never forget the treatment of the doctors and staff at the nicu he is now 1 year and 4 months and i would like to say that from the bottom of my heart i thank all of you at the nicu and may god bless you all for making my first grandson be here with me today

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