Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why we are involved

Our first involvement with the NC Children's Hospital was attending the Eric Montross Father's Day Basketball Camp. The 'new' Children's Hospital had not even opened during our first year at camp. This allowed us the opportunity to become involved while the final plans were still being developed. All the wonderful plans seemed like a dream and fantasy but what a wonderful dream it was. It is truly amazing to see that dream come true and how far the Children's Hospital has come since those years which were actually not that long ago. Before the Children's Hospital opened, facilities for the children were located in various parts of the hospital and frankly the appearances were not very appealing. Privacy and conveniences were not abundant at that time. Going to the hospital is usually not a pleasant experience for children or parents. To be greated by unappealing and intimidating surroundings is counter-productive for children coming to the hospital to be healed. We quickly saw that private funds were necessary to make the NC Children's Hospital as welcoming and comfortable as anyone would want if their child were being treated.

We thought that this was a very worthy cause and believed that our funds were critical in helping achieve the nurturing state of the art facilty that is embodied in the NC Children's Hospital. The physical completion of the Hospital was only the beginning of the need for continued private support. Keeping up with developing technologies and medical procedures requires continued private funding. This is one of the reasons that continued private funding for the NC Children's Hospital remains one of our high priorities.

One of the special features of the Children's Hospital is the Parent's Resource Center which allows parent a quiet room with a computer and internet access in which they can research their child's illness. There is a digital camera so that parents can send photos and updates over the internet to families and friends to stay in touch while their child is in the Hospital.

Please join us in supporting the wonderful facility that we have here in the NC Children's Hospital. Everyone contributions, no matter the size, are valued, needed and very much appreciated.

Tom & Lisa


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