Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two NICU Graduates Abby & Annie

I'm the mommy, a tough job, of mono twins. One sack, one placenta and a lot of jumping squiggly fun! We came to the womens hospital when I was 24wks along and stayed til the girls came 9 weeks later, over 2mos early. this was the only hospital in the state to accept me as a patient and the only one to be equiped to monitor these types of twins. Because of the difficulty of my pregnancy.
I'm sure God sent me here, I was 43yrs old and having huge trouble staying pregnant. I thank him every day for so many things, the girls who are now like miniture sumo wrestlers that love to tackle Daddy soon as he gets home. I can't tell you all how grateful I am to the diligent nursing staff, who put up with all my little silly stories and wouldn't let loose on those paddles for (at times) 20 hours out of 24! Those poor things would chase my little tabpoles for hours... I make jokes, but it's still so cool being a mommy (finally) after so many years of waiting. (I'm 44 now) God finally made this miracle happen and provided these fabulous folks who care so very much! They were the instraments in His orchastration that only began when my two beautiful babies were born. Susie Q...


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