Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let the pledging begin!

Today is a day we look forward to all year. It is always great to get back together with our friends from Curtis Media, News 14 Carolina, and Time Warner Cable. The N.C. Children's Promise is about so much more than a fundraiser. It is about letting people all across the state know about the N.C. Children's Hospital, a place where any child who needs care for a complex or chronic illness will get help that they need. The N.C. Children's Hospital is really about the people who work here and the patients who they care for, not a building or even the equipment needed to deliver the care. Right now there are 136 child in the hospital getting cutting edge care on par with anyplace in the country. It is an honor to work in a place that is about seeing that any child needing help will get it, regardless of their ability to pay. This event helps us raise money to keep care at the cutting edge. We can put the physicians nurses and other staff together, but gifts from the N.C. Children's Promise put the tools in the hands of these folks to do their work. This hospital is about helping all of our patients reach their potential and hopefully live long and productive lives. Thanks to everyone for helping us get this done.

Dr. Alan Stiles
Physician-in-Chief, N.C. Children's Hospital
Chair, Department of Pediatrics


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