Thursday, November 20, 2008

7th YEAR !!!!!!! Listen Watch and Pledge !

Waking up at 4am, driving an hour and 45 minutes and running on nothing but excitement. That is pretty much the extent of my day so far. My name is Brittany and I have been a patient at the NC Children's Hospital for 18 years this November. The hospital is my second home, the patients doctors and staff another family and all together this place is my life. I would not want to be at any other hospital. I was diagnosed at 13 months old with a rare condition called Evans Syndrome where my body fights itself and then at the age of 10 years Common Variable Immune Difficancy, where I do not have an immune system. I was given 30 days to live, the hospital has saved my life.The radiothon is a time for me to say thank you to the doctors staff and nurses who have given me my life back and worked endlessy to give me the best care possible. The radiothon means the world to me, I look forward to it more than christmas ! I have been coming since the very first year and to think we are in our 7th year now leaves me absolutely flabergasted. All of the time I get asked why I come bck year after year and in years before it has been simply to thank the hospital but now I have another reason. I come every year not only to say thank you but also for my friends from the hospital who are to sick to like Andrew or have passed on, we miss you Rebecca!<3 ! I also come to see friends I have made through the radiothon like Monica. We are all family here and the NC Chidrens Hospital is our home. I Can not thank those of you who have made donations already enough and want you to know that your donations are what makes this hospital possible. If you have not made a donation yet PLEASE DO, you can make your donation by going to and following the links,buying the auction items available on the ebay page (links on main childrens promise site) or the easiest way by picking up the phone and calling 1-866-9-NCKIDS ! Please call, it is to quiet here right now and I want to hear the phones ringing. Things are starting to get crazy and will only get crazier as performances and donations start throughout the day feel free to come out and be part of an amazing cause. Have a great day and God Bless.

Brittany Mathews
19, NC Childrens Hospital Patient for 18 years.


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