Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Dance Marathon for the Children's Hospital

Hi! I'm Marley Pluta, a senior member of Wake-Forest Rolesville's Social Organization and services club. Every year we hold a Dance Marathon to raise money for Duke and UNC's childrens hospital through business sponsership and student donations. Our group is dedicated to community service, and our club advisor, Mike Meyer is a great man who has helped us organize the Dance Marathon. Last year we took a trip to Penn States Dance-a-thon to learn some tips to make this years Dance Marathon even better. We love helping the two hospitals and people in need. The Dance Marathon is a six hour dance, with a lazer show, a dj, and food from a local pizza restaurant. It's usually held at the end of the school year, and it is annual. This year we raised a total of over 18,00$, 8,500$ of which went to UNC. Please help this and any other hospitals to take care of the sick children, the ones who really need it.


Blogger psuallegator said...

Way to go Marley. Thank you for your support and commitment to SOS even as a high school student!

Mr. Meyer

7:55 AM  

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